Improve the Appearance and Health of Your Trees

Arrange for tree maintenance services in Corpus Christi, Texas

Turn to Texas Tree Lawn & Garden for tree maintenance in Corpus Christi, Texas and surrounding areas. When you hire us to maintain your trees, we'll use professional tree trimming tools and techniques to cut away dangerous or poorly located branches. We can also prune your trees to give them an attractive shape. By the time our work is done, your trees will look better and have the shape they need to grow strong and healthy.

Get in touch with us today to schedule residential or commercial tree maintenance services. You can also count on us to trim your hedges and bushes.

tree maintenance

Check out the important benefits of tree trimming and pruning

Texas Tree Lawn & Garden completes tree trimming and pruning projects in the Corpus Christi, TX area. Tree trimming and pruning can improve the health of your trees by:

  • Keeping them from developing broad, weak branches
  • Increasing sun exposure and air circulation
  • Helping them grow into the desired shape
  • Halting the spread of disease
Our crew will clean up the leftover debris when we're done with your tree trimming and pruning work.